Monday, 29 October 2012

Fixing Analysis Manager Cube Role security

I don't often use Analysis Manager but today it would not let me edit a Database Role correctly and when I looked at the Cube Role it was just blank. Eventually discovered that the cube had some roles assigned to it that had been deleted but because the roles no longer exist you can't update the roles or even edit the cube without getting errors. This is a bug in Analysis Services 2000.

The solution is to recreate the missing Database Roles, then remove them from the Cube Role and then delete the Database Roles. To identify the missing roles select the cube and look at the html pane that displays the cube roles and then cross check this with those that appear in the database roles list.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Editing Lotus Notes tables in Excel

I quite often create lists in Excel and then past them as rich text tables into Lotus Notes. I had one that I wanted to edit but the edits were more than can be easily accomplished in Lotus Notes. I found a solution by pasting the Lotus Notes table into Word and then the Word table back into Excel. This enabled me to make the edits in Excel and then to past the results back into Lotus Notes. However be aware that cells which are broken over more then one line rather than wrapped will not past correctly back into Excel.